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July 4, 2013


Discontinue of products containing the quasi-drug ingredient
Rhododenol 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanol


We, Kanebo Cosmetics Malaysia, has imported and sold skincare and cosmetics products manufactured by Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.


Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. has sold us the brightening products containing the quasi-drug ingredient Rhododenol 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanol. Since 2008, approximately 4 over million bottles was sold in Japan. It has been confirmed that there are 39 consumers in Japan who used these brightening products who have reported the appearance of white blotches on their skin.


Rhododenol is an active quasi-drug ingredient approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act after passing extensive safety tests. However, as long as there is the possibility of a connection between Rhododenol and the symptoms mentioned above, Kanebo Cosmetics Malaysia has decided to discontinue all of the products containing the ingredient with immediate effect.


As far as we know, the cases stated above have yet to be confirmed to date in our country. Nevertheless, we will still discontinue the products as we would give the safety and security of Kanebo user as a top priority.


Should you need any additional information & assistance, please contact your Kanebo Beauty Consultant.

Discontinued products


(Launched from 2011 April)

> White Deep Clear Conditioner
> White Deep Milky Conditioner
> White Deep Night Conditioner
> White Deep Mask
> White Deep UV Day Protector


*Items with silver cap version


> White Lotion
> White Emulsion
> White Fit Mask 3D


> Lotion




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